Available for Tax Consultations

At the present time, Mr. Estill is not accepting any new cases concerning any IRS tax controversy (audits, collections, litigation, etc.) or for any tax preparation services.  At present time Mr. Estill is not accepting any new tax planning or consulting clients.  However, when appointments become available he is available for tax consultations in the following situations:

  • Assistance to tax professionals (attorneys, CPAs, EAs, etc.) regarding ongoing IRS investigations (criminal and civil), IRS examinations, appeals and tax litigation.
  • Available to consult for potential expert witness services.
  • Assistance to small businesses desiring tax planning. Please note there is a four (4) hour minimum charge on all tax planning consultations and there are a very limited number of appointments available.  As of  January 15, 2024, Mr. Estill has no current consultation openings and his rate if appointments become available is $500-$775 per hour.
  • Other assistance/consultations on a case-by-case basis for which Mr. Estill would be acting in a consulting (non-active) role only.
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Tax Court Litigation

Most Tax Court cases are resolved by the parties (the IRS/Government and the taxpayer) without the need for a formal trial.  However, if the parties cannot reach a resolution, the court will need to decide.  Here are the citations to some of the Tax Court litigation that Mr. Estill has been involved with over the course of his career:

Steines v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 1991-588, affirmed 12 F.3d 1101 (7th cir. 1993)

Peterman v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 1993-129

Wenz v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 1995-277

Van Zelst v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 1995-216

Holowinski v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 1997-168

US v. Delano, 182 F. Supp 2d 1020 (D. Colorado 2001)

Svoboda v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 2006-1

Channell v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 2006-8

Galyen v. Commissioner, Tax Court Memorandum 2006-30