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As a former Senior Trial Attorney with the IRS, Attorney Scott M. Estill shares his inside information and experience to make tax savings a reality for conference attendees.
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March 19,2024: 2023- Last Minute Tax Tips.  Register at no cost at:
His next live events:  None currently scheduled
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Since leaving the IRS in 1995, Scott has been teaching real-world strategies for immediate tax savings and tax planning. His speaking engagements are perfect for:

  • Individuals
  • Business Owners
  • Real Estate Investors
Speaking Topics Include
  • 2024 and future Tax Planning- Maximizing Deductions/Credits and Minimizing Taxes
  • Retirement Planning and Maximizing Tax Benefits and Savings
  • Stock Market Traders- Tax Rules and Strategies

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Top Tax Strategies and Insider’s Guides

Take advantage of Scott Estill’s insider knowledge condensed down into these amazing resources for real estate investors, businesses, and individuals. Scott breaks down the most important things to know, helps you set priorities for the future, and reveals tax secrets of millionaires.

Real Estate Investor

The Real Estate Investor’s Tax Edge

Top tax guidance for today’s turbulent real estate market Despite the downturn in the real estate market, savvy investors can continue to capture profits by using money-saving tax strategies.

Tax This! An Insiders Guide to Standing Up to the IRS

Tax This! An Insider’s Guide to Standing up to the IRS

Every year, millions of Americans run into problems dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. Written by former IRS Senior Trial attorney, Scott Estill, Tax This! An Insider’s Guide to Standing Up to the IRS, gives taxpayers the edge in dealing with the IRS by showing them how to fight the IRS and win!

The 2023 Ultimate Tax Planning and Strategies Guide

The 2023 Ultimate Tax Planning and Strategies Guide (Seventh Edition 2023) includes a 12 chapter, 340 page tax guide (workbook) and a 12 CD set of power point presentations to assist individuals, business owners, real estate investors and stock market traders on the intricacies of legally reducing one’s overall tax obligations, yet written in an easy-to-understand format.  It also includes 3 additional CD presentations on the many new and challenging changes to the 2018 tax code (1 CD for business owners and 1 CD for individuals, along with an update on planning for Section 199A).

Scott Estill

Speaker, Author, Lawyer

Attorney Scott M. Estill is a nationally-recognized and sought-after tax speaker and author. He has written multiple books and workshops that help people and businesses save money (with tax planning) on tax deductions and tax strategies for both the immediate and long term future. Until 1995, Scott was a Senior Trial Attorney with the IRS. He left the IRS to give taxpayers the edge by showing them how to fight the IRS and win!

Here is a “brief version” of Scott’s professional resume:

1995- Present         Scott M Estill PC (Colorado)
1998- 2020             Hearing Officer, Jefferson County (Colorado)
2003-2015               Estill & Long LLC (Denver, Colorado)
1994                  Licensed to practice law (Colorado)
1991                 Licensed to practice law (United States Tax Court)
1991-1995             Department of Treasury (IRS)(Chicago, IL)
1988-1991             Judicial Clerkship, Illinois Appellate Court (Second Judicial District)
1988                  Licensed to practice law (Illinois)
1988                  Graduate of John Marshall Law School (with High Honors)(Chicago, IL)
1983                  Graduate of University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana)

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