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Since leaving the U.S. Department of Treasury (IRS) in 1995, Scott has made tax education his primary focus.  This has included authoring several books, speaking at numerous conventions, seminars and other group events, hosting webinars and appearing on live TV on many occasions to encourage people to consider tax planning as a vital component of their overall financial well-being.  As a continuation of this goal to help average Americans understand the tax system, the IRS and ways to beat the system and lower their overall tax bills, Scott will be adding forms, checklists and other helpful tax information to this page on a frequent basis.  Please check back regularly to see how you can lower your tax bill via some new tax strategies/tax solutions!

Stock Market Trader

There are many tax benefits to being classified as a "stock market trader" (including the ability to deduct all trading-related expenses and make mark-to-market election)- do you qualify? Download Stock Market Trader [...]

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