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Buy a New/Used Car in 2018 and get a 100% Tax Deduction!

Starting in 2018, it is now possible to claim a 100% tax deduction for the cost of a vehicle. Here are the rules (be sure to consult with your tax advisor before implementing any tax [...]

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Tax Tips for Gifts to Charities

Tax Tips for Gifts to Charity It is likely that you make donations to various charities throughout the year.  Make sure that you get credit for these donations when Tax Day arrives.  Here are a [...]

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Tax Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

There are many tax benefits to home ownership (owning your personal residence).  These include tax deductions that you can claim in the year that you purchase the home, along with tax deductions for the years [...]

Victim of Identity Theft?

IRS Identity Theft Victim Assistance: How It Works FS-2016-3, January 2016 The IRS knows identity theft can be frustrating and confusing for victims. When it comes to tax-related identity theft, the Internal Revenue Service wants [...]

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