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Do you have the Right Tax Return Preparer?

Do you have the Right Tax Return Preparer?                               AND How do you find the right tax return preparer? Compatible with [...]

Tax Tips for Gifts to Charities

Tax Tips for Gifts to Charity It is likely that you make donations to various charities throughout the year.  Make sure that you get credit for these donations when Tax Day arrives.  Here are a [...]

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Tax Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

There are many tax benefits to home ownership (owning your personal residence).  These include tax deductions that you can claim in the year that you purchase the home, along with tax deductions for the years [...]

Real Estate Professionals and Tax Planning

Qualifying as a Real Estate Professional has many tax benefits which help to reduce current income taxes.  Like most other tax planning strategies, the rules are complex and often very confusing.  This short article on real estate [...]

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IRS Dirty Dozen For 2017: Tax Scams to Avoid

Every year, the IRS posts its version of the "Dirty Dozen"- the 12 most prevalent tax scams out there for the year.  Following/implementing any of these scams is a sure way to trouble with the [...]

Rental Property Tax Deductions

Many rental property owners fail to account for all of their "ordinary and necessary" rental property tax deductions, causing them to overpay their taxes every year.  These include any actual out-of-pocket expenses (such as repairs, [...]

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IRS Highlights Important 2016 Tax Changes

In Fact Sheet 2017-1, the IRS has highlighted some of the important 2016 tax changes that affect the current filing season. These include: Three extra days to file and pay. Taxpayers will have until Tuesday, [...]

Education Expenses: Are They Tax Deductible for Your Business?

Education expenses are tax deductible IF…    The education costs are:   (1)  Required by your employer or by law to keep your job, OR (2)  Needed to improve your skills you use [...]

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Beware the IRA Tax Traps: UBTI

Potential Taxes in Your IRA:  UBTI Many IRA owners believe that all investment and other income earned in their IRA will not generate any current income tax bill.  This is not correct.  There [...]

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Access Retirement Funds Without Penalty

IRA Tax Planning - Exceptions to 10% Tax on Early Distributions The following article and chart are courtesy of the IRS but offer a nice analysis of the options available to avoiding any extra [...]

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