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Bitcoin and other Virtual Currency and a few Tax Tips!

Virtual Currency/ Bitcoin Taxation Bitcoin and other virtual currency are treated as “property” for tax purposes. For purposes of this article, I will refer to “virtual currency” with the understanding that it potentially could include [...]

December 2017: A few Tax Tips to Reduce Your Taxes!

December 2017: A few Tax Tips to Reduce Your Taxes! NOTE:  Not all tax tips are applicable to all taxpayers. Please consult with your tax adviser/professional to see if these tips may work for you. [...]

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Real Estate Investor Webinar (Download)

If you missed my webinar for real estate investors and professionals earlier this month, here is a link for you to listen at your leisure:

Another Real Estate Professional Beats IRS in Tax Court!

A Nice Tax Win for Real Estate Investors!   Another Real Estate professional beats IRS in Tax Court!  The IRS is not, contrary to popular belief, invincible.  Given that I often speak and write about [...]

High-Yield Investors Cruise in December 2017!

Many of my clients have invested in and continue to invest in real estate, along with the stock market/options and many other investment vehicles.  I am speaking on a 5 day high yield investors cruise [...]

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Tax Implications of Divorce

Some Tax Implications of Divorce (2017) There are many potential tax implications of divorce in the United States.  This article points out a few very general tax considerations to keep in mind.  However, all tax/legal [...]

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Do you have the Right Tax Return Preparer?

Do you have the Right Tax Return Preparer?                               AND How do you find the right tax return preparer? Compatible with [...]

Tax Tips for Gifts to Charities

Tax Tips for Gifts to Charity It is likely that you make donations to various charities throughout the year.  Make sure that you get credit for these donations when Tax Day arrives.  Here are a [...]

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Tax Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

There are many tax benefits to home ownership (owning your personal residence).  These include tax deductions that you can claim in the year that you purchase the home, along with tax deductions for the years [...]

Real Estate Professionals and Tax Planning

Qualifying as a Real Estate Professional has many tax benefits which help to reduce current income taxes.  Like most other tax planning strategies, the rules are complex and often very confusing.  This short article on real estate [...]